Coach My Solo


(Three 30 MINUTE in-studio sessions plus a 30-minute consultation)

I have many clients who perform on dance teams, in beauty pageants, and in other competitions.  They usually need private coaching in the execution of their technique and a director’s eye to coach them on their delivery.  I am available to coach you through your solo.  I have experience adjudicating dancers and directing dancers in their solos/choreography.  I am confident that I can help you present in a confident manner.   I will share tips on how to remember the choreography in stressful situations, how to interpret the movement, and how to develop stamina allowing you to perform in a powerful way.  In my bio, you will see that I was a former artistic director of a dance company and I have numerous national and international experiences as an adjudicator.  I know the things that judges take note of when artists are presenting their talent.